Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a selection box. Who doesn’t love chocolate for breakfast and sneakily eating the best bars out of someone else’s stash?

However, since becoming a parent, five full-sized bars of chocolate doesn’t seem like such a great thing to give to a toddler or very young child. Never one to turn down an offer, I jumped at the chance to try out a sensible alternative – the Organix Goodies Selection Box provides the look of a traditional box, without the big chocolatey mess smeared across the sofa.

Organix Goodies Selection Box Review

Suitable for children from 12 months, the Organix box is a fantastic idea if you’re looking for some healthier sweet treats. Each pack includes five popular items from the ‘Goodies’ range: a mini pack of gingerbread men, alphabet biscuits, strawberry and apple gummies, and two oaty bars (raspberry and apple, and apple and orange). While none of them are particularly festive, they’re all tried and tested favourites that many children enjoy, so you know you’re not going to be wasting your money.

The box itself is presented beautifully. Lift up the cover and there’s a winter wonderland scene with elements that can be popped out and stuck onto the snowy backdrop. It also doesn’t contain a plastic inner tray, so it can go straight into the recycling once your little one has finished playing with it.

Organix Goodies Selection Box Review

At £2.99 the Goodies Selection Box is slightly more expensive than a chocolate version picked up from the supermarket or pound shop, but it’s not too bad if you’re trying to keep the junk to a minimum.

You can currently pick one up from Boots or Ocado. Now excuse me while I polish off the gingerbread men…