With so many baby and toddler food brands on the market, it can be hard to choose between them. As we know how important it is to make the right choices for our children, we teamed up with Organix Goodies to taste test their toddler snack range.

Three Essex Baby readers were picked to receive a selection of Organix Goodies products to try with their toddlers. We wanted to know which products in the range our little testers would love, and whether our big testers would recommend the products to other parents.

The Taste Test

Catherine Hooker and James (14 months)

Both Catherine and James were very impressed with the Organix snacks.

Catherine said: “The packaging was lovely and bright and the ingredients were easy to read.

“My son James loved the banana and date fruit bars the best closely followed by the raisins! He did not really enjoy the gingerbread men they were a bit too hard for his teeth that are coming through – we thought a good tip was to dip them in some milk to soften them first!

“I would definitely recommend the Organix snack range to my friends and family they are good value for money and you know your child is eating high quality products from them.”

Shelley Starling, Lincoln (2) and Hector (15 months)

Shelley found that the Organix snacks were a big hit with her little ones. She said: “I liked the easy to read packaging, the allergen advice was easy to find and clearly explained.

“My two-year-old Lincoln did not enjoy the banana and date fruit bars, neither did my 15-month-old Hector. They both, however, liked the gingerbread, which I think are just the right size for a snack.

“The packs of raisins were a big hit whilst we were out and about, either on the school run or shopping. The overall favourite in our house was the ‘Carrot Stix’.

“I would recommend them to friends most definitely, having looked at the product range in retail shops in my opinion for me they are a little pricey, however I did find most shops had them on offer of some kind, so we bought some new products to try.”

Natalie Knoesen and Leila-Mae (18 months)

Like the previous two testers, Natalie and Leila-Mae gave a big thumbs up to the Goodies range.

Natalie said that Leila-Mae, “loves the gingerbread men and carrot stix, which we already have in our snack box!

“The raisins were a big hit (a few months ago they weren’t) and the banana & date bars went down a treat! Since having the bars I have gone out and bought a few more different flavours, also got the thumbs up.

“I would definitely recommend the Organix range to friends, as they are nutritious and scrumptious!”