Essex Baby Reviewer Emma trials the Pacapod Portland Changing Bag in Charcoal and reveals whether it is worth it’s high price tag.

Product Description and Price

The Portland has a slick and stylish exterior using microfiber and leather trim, the really clever bit is the expansion panel which can adapt to cater for all of your baby needs. Hidden underneath this contemporary exterior is a genius 3 in 1 ‘pod system’ which allows you to be ultra organised with your little ones.

Price £130

Why do you want to recommend this product?

On falling pregnant second time round, the first thing that sprung to mind was the thought of having to choose a changing bag. Exciting and a pain in the bum at the same time. It has to carry so much, be easily accessible at all times, manageable with one hand(!) and this time round be able to accommodate what I need to take out for my 3-year-old as well. The bag I had with my first child was great, but as he got older it just became one big mess. After lots of searching I came across the PacaPod. At first glance it was quite expensive, but something caught my eye; it could pass for a real handbag! Then the exciting bit came when I opened the front pocket. Two individual pods containing marked sections for everything you could possibly need. The changing pod has space for nappies wipes and creams including a change mat and even a section for dirty nappies. The food pod is fully insulated and can hold up to 4 bottles and a fantastic size for holding pots when you begin weaning (or a sandwich for the older ones!). It even has a section for cutlery!

The pods double up as little rucksacks, which my son loves carrying if we go for a walk; he really feels like he’s helping with the baby. The insulated pod will make a great lunch box when the baby gets older. There is also an expanding middle section where you can pop baby’s clothes and anything else you need, along with the back section to carry your own personal belongings – the pockets are so deceiving on size and carry a huge amount.  Not only am I in love, but my husband agrees!! Ok – so he nearly collapsed at the price, but he loves that when it’s his turn to change a bottom he doesn’t need to carry a massive bag and search the whole way through it. He just pops the clips and takes the changing pod with him. It also stops him taking EVERYTHING out leaving me to rearrange! A win/win in my opinion!

This bag definitely helps me remain as organised as I can now I’m a mummy to 2!

Essex Baby Rating:

I would give this product 5 out of 5. I am yet to find fault as yet, it holds everything I need it too and more in an organised state and is stylish, too. I really cannot recommend enough!!

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