Travelling with young children always takes a bit of extra planning, especially when it comes to deciding what to put in their suitcase. Use this checklist to help you remember all those travel necessities when packing for young children.

  • Day clothing & nightwear – be prepared for weather changes. Avoid light coloured outfits that will show up stains
  • Bathing suit & sun hat
  • Nappies & wipes – take extras in case of emergencies or delays
  • Formula milk and ready-made food – remember a spoon and bowl, too
  • Bibs
  • Bottles and/or sippy cup – if you’re travelling by air, make sure they are accessible for take-offs and landings to help relieve ear pressure
  • Bottled water – for making up bottles on the go
  • Dummies – if your baby uses one
  • Favourite toys and books – plus a couple of new ones
  • Blanket – for comfort and creating shade
  • Medicine – all required medication, plus infant paracetamol for unexpected illnesses
  • First-aid kit – thermometer, waterproof plasters, antiseptic stray
  • Child-friendly sunscreen
  • Toiletries – tooth brush, baby bath and anything else you use regularly
  • Nightlight – great for late night feeds or toilet trips in unfamiliar environments
  • Lightweight buggy or baby sling
  • Travel cot – find out whether a suitable cot will be included in your accommodation
  • Travel steriliser – you can buy compact microwave sterilisers for travel. Alternatively you can buy cold-water steriliser bags, tablets or liquids or, if the facilities are available, simply use boiling water in a pan or large bowl. You can also buy disposable pre-sterilised bottles
  • Travel bottle warmer
  • Ziploc bag of laundry powder – for dealing with those little accidents
  • Duct tape & socket protectors – ideal for child-proofing your holiday accommodation. Duct tape is great for rounding off sharp corners
  • Plenty of plastic bags – for holding soiled items

Are we missing anything for our essentials list? Can you think of anything else you couldn’t travel without? Please share your tips in the box below.

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