While hundreds of mums and dads struggle to up with clever to ideas to fulfil the Elf on the Shelf tradition, one Canadian couple has taken the trend to a whole new level.

Since the beginning of December, Megan Wynberg has been sharing snaps of husband Joe as he dons a red bodysuit and takes on the role of the family’s mischievous Christmas elf.

“So we finally caved and decided to do the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ thing,” Megan posted on her Facebook page. “The kids are going to be so surprised! We named our elf FLE and he will be in some pretty precarious spots over the next 24 days!”

Over the past couple of weeks, ‘FLE’ has positioned himself in a variety of imaginative places, to amusement of his friends, family and four children. And this real life Elf on the Shelf is proving to be just as much trouble as his artificial counterpart.

Eating the kids’ advent calendars.

elf on the shelf

Making ‘snow’ angels.

dad elf on the shelf

Being restrained by the household toys.

dad elf on the shelf

Then on Sunday things took an interesting turn when a new addition was delivered to the Wynberg’s.

dad elf on the shelf

The elves’ first date night seemed to go really well.

dad elf on the shelf

As the photo have gained more attention as the days have gone on, Megan Wynberg thanked their followers for their support and shared the reason why they created a real life Elf on the Shelf.

She wrote: “I just want to say that my husband Joe and I are very humbled at the support of our family, friends and complete strangers these past 9 days.

“In a world filled with sickness, war and general unhappiness each and everyone of you have shown what life really is about. Happiness, laughter and love.”

Strange? Yes. Great fun? Definitely.

We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.