Essex Baby Review

We have been looking into some of the stylish and practical options for our children’s pack lunch equipment. The Paul Frank lunch box and bottle set are one of the popular choices so we have decided to take a look for ourselves.


The Paul Frank lunch box and bottle set is a colourful and practical lunch set, it is made from polypropylene, with no PVC used and free from BPA and Phthalate.

Reviewer’s Opinion

I absolutely the love the look of this set and the main thing is that so does my son! I find that it has enough space to hold a decent sized lunch for him which usually includes a sandwich, fruit, yoghurt, and a couple snacks. The bottle also holds plenty of juice for the day and it stays nice and cool throughout.

It isn’t dishwasher friendly, but this is fairly standard. I don’t think it is very good value for money retailing at around £17-£19 and as it is a fairly standard plastic set I think we are paying for the brand more than the quality.

Essex Baby Rating

We have rated the Paul Frank lunch box and bottle set with a 4 out 5. It great because it is attractive and practical, but could be better value for money.

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