Pupils in rural Essex may be missing out on educational opportunities due to poor internet connections at school.

A survey by the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) has revealed that almost two-thirds of primary schools in the UK have reported poor Wi-Fi to be a major problem.

The report looked at over 1,200 school ICT co-ordinations and found that rural Essex is one of the worst regions for internet access.

Gary Brown, head teacher of Ashdon Primary school in Saffron Walden, said: “We do have some spots where the Wi-Fi does drop out because it is a Victorian building.

“But the main issue is broadband at homes in local villages. It makes it very difficult for pupils and staff to work from home.”

In response to the report, Essex County Councillor Kevin Bentley said: “ECC has recognised the need to improve broadband connectivity in schools to help enable pupils to get the best out of their education, and for this reason has been upgrading school broadband connections across the county for the past 18 months. In Uttlesford, the upgrades are complete in 38 of the 39 schools ECC manages broadband contracts for, with the remaining school’s upgrade due to be complete very soon.

“ECC also understands pupils need to be able to study at home and is working to upgrade broadband infrastructure for residents through its Superfast Essex programme.”

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