Essex Baby Review

The Trunki is a brilliant product. It is well made and has plenty of room for all the kids bits when required for a plane journey or an overnight stay. The ‘ride-on’ and ‘pull-on’ design element provide entertainment while waiting in the departure lounge and help to speed up the journey to and from the departure gate.

Product Description and Price

The Trunki is small suitcase, ideal for young children to use whilst travelling. The Trunki has plenty of room for toys, books and snacks and also offers the additional functionality of a ride on toy.
Trunki comes in a wide range of designs and colours. We reviewed the ‘Poppet’ Moshi Monster Trunki, a cute Pink and blue design.
Price: £39.99

Why do you want to recommend this product?

My daughter loved taking her Trunki on holiday. It was our first overseas holiday with the children and we were very nervous about keeping them entertained at the airport and on the flight. The Trunki provided the perfect distraction at the airport, allowing our daughter to both pull it along like a ‘dog’ and also ride on it and go really fast around the departure lounge. On the flight it had enough room to provide all the toys, games, books and snacks she needed to keep her entertained for a five hour flight.

Essex Baby Rating:


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I have given the Trunki a 4 out of 5 as it is an excellent product. However, it is disappointing that it does not come with the Tote Bag insert and you have to buy this separately at a cost of £12.99. In my mind this is an essential part of the suitcase as it prevents everything from falling out when you open it.

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