Three years ago today my Nan died – my 96 year old Bow-Bells East End Nan whose mind was still sharp, but whose body had let her down years before. I have some lovely memories of my Nan – all my grandparents in fact. It’s quite basic stuff, but to me it’s still lovely.

So, what are some of the things I think about when I think of my Nan?

I think about being a small child and sitting on her lap, watching old black and white movies, whilst peeling and eating satsumas with her, with my sister sitting on the floor playing cards with my Granddad.

I think about a time when my sister and I were helping my Nan to fold laundry and we all ended up in fits of laughter after my sister and I giggled at the size of her huge knickers! We’d never seen such huge knickers!

I think about sitting at her table with her, rummaging through her ice-cream box of multi-coloured nail varnishes and practicing on her nails.

I think about her cuddling me when I was in tears after I thought a friend had been mean.

I also think about holding her hand as we crept through the dark, unused back bedrooms in her house, whilst trying to find my cousins who we regularly played hide and seek with.

I’ve been really lucky to have grandparents in my life, and despite the fact that I’m nearly 40, I still have one left, a Nan who is 92, who has been just as lovely throughout my life.

As I think about my Nan today, and watch my sons with their own Nana and Granddad – playing, cuddling, watching cartoons – I just know they will be storing up some lovely memories for their futures too.