A Lancashire primary school has banned children from bringing in packed lunches because of their poor nutritional value.

Headteacher Ian Spencer will implement the ban this September after The Children’s Food Trust Agency found that less than 1 per cent were healthy enough.

Some parents have been angered by the move, with concerns about the possible impact on children with allergies.

In a letter to the Observer, one parent said: “I, along with other parents at the school, feel like our freedom of choice and liberty in this respect have been taken away from us.

“For those parents of children with food allergies/intolerances the food choices they make for their children are an important factor in their daily lives which I can only imagine must be difficult and time consuming.

“To take control and peace of mind away from these parents is disgraceful. I think the compulsory element should be removed.”

Should schools be able to take action to support the government’s healthy eating initiative, or is it wrong to take away parents’ freedom to choose what their child eats? Share your views by commenting below.

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