By Laura Mason

I sometimes question whether I made a mistake (which one I hear you ask?!) when it comes to over cuddling my babies when they were young.  We fell into co-sleeping, almost by accident.  As an exhausted mother nursing with babies that loved being held and close to me it seemed to be the only way to get some rest.  First time round at parenting and we researched a lot and created a makeshift nest between my husband and I to protect Grace.

Sleepyhead Grand

Second time around and in a similar position I discovered the Sleepyhead Deluxe, a real game changer for safety when it comes to adopting a close sleeping set up.  Designed by Swedish entrepreneur, Lisa Furuland, the Sleepyhead Deluxe is a small sleep pod that provides a cushioned bumper on top of a mattress.  This secure set up was perfect for me to safely sleep next to Noah while providing him with a soft comfort that hugged my little boy as he slept making him feel protected and secure.

Fast forward to my third and final journey into motherhood and I went straight to the Sleepyhead.  From my room to nursery, crib to cot bed and even taking it on a couple of trips abroad, Marley couldn’t sleep without it.  And then I started to worry!  Fast approaching 12 months old and had clearly outgrown it.  What was once a cushion around her tiny body was now a pillow and more of a snuggle pad, yet every time I tried to tempt her to sleep direct in her cot bed she flatly refused, and so we thankfully discovered the Sleepyhead Grand.

The big sister to the Sleepyhead Deluxe, the Grand is the big daddy when it comes to sleep set-ups.  Aimed at babies from nine months right the way to three years, the sleep pod is big in size, but still very handy for on the go as it’s not too heavy, bulky (can easily be squashed and squeezed into the car boot) and has the same two handles to quickly pick it up and go.

The bumpers round the side give a lot more space, although it fits nicely into a standard sized cot bed, so I am hopeful it will be a good transition aid until she hits the bigger size and then feels ready for her ‘big girl bed’.

A big win for me over some of the other sleep aids is that the unique design means that the cover can be completely stripped and popped straight in to the washing machine.  The bumpers and bottom layer can also be washed (read the instructions as mattress layer is hand wash only) so if you are attempting dry nights and accidents do occur, it can be easily cleaned unlike your standard bed mattress.  Worse case scenario, if the beautifully white cover does become stained, replacement covers can be purchased and there’s some beautiful designs to choose from.

The bumper of the Sleepyhead is also handy for supporting little ones as they get used to the freedom that comes with a bed, and acts as a barrier to prevent them falling out.  I think this has really supported Marley as during the past six months we haven’t had any fall outs which is quite good going considering her young age.

Available in some gorgeous prints, it’s worth taking a look at the website for the full range of designs.  From some stunning bright, bold prints to more muted simple and discreet patterns, it enables the Sleepyhead Grand to easily be a focal point in your child’s bedroom, or just a unobtrusive addition to your décor.

I can’t review this without mentioning the price.  Yes, it’s an investment piece at a pretty hefty £255 price tag; but, and it’s a big one, with a shelf life of up to two and a half years and for me, the Sleepyhead provides a greatly improved night sleep for the whole family, then it’s more than justifiable.

The Sleepyhead Grand is priced £255 from