In June, the Queen is expected to announce a new law – dubbed the Cinderella Law – which would make it an offence “to deliberately ignore a child or deprive them of love”. According to the Daily Mail, parents could face jail for up to 10 years if they are found to “deliberately harm a child’s intellectual, emotional, social or behavioural development”.

Robert Buckland, a Tory MP has been campaigning on the issue and he says: “We need a clear, concise and workable definition of child maltreatment… Emotional neglect must be outlawed.”

What do you think about this?

At Essex Baby we’re 100% behind all laws that protect children and enable them to grow into healthy, happy, balanced individuals, but we do wonder how this would be policed?

It seems like mistakes could be made as assessing emotional behaviour could surely be open to all types of misinterpretation? There have been lots of very serious cases in recent years of children being physically abused and social services not catching it or preventing it.

If there have been cases where the law hasn’t been effective, will the Cinderella Law simply take social workers away from the physical abuse cases that need attention? Or is the government proposing extra social workers? We’re a little perplexed at Essex Baby over this law and we’d love to hear other people’s opinions.

Parents of Essex: what are your thoughts on this? Social workers of Essex: please share your opinions too.

Here is the full article in the Daily Mail: