The Recaro Monza Nova 2 Seatfix was very easy to install with clear instructions and warning labels. It is very light which makes for an easy transfer from car to house. It is quite a big car seat so you need to try it in your car before you buy to make sure you can fit it correctly. According to Which’s safety tests the Nova 2 offers excellent side impact protection and satisfactory front impact protection.

The adult seat belt sits in a good position on the child. You may find that there is some interference between your car seat’s headrest and the headrest of the Nova 2 Seatfix, which forces the booster seat forward away from the backrest.You might be able to address this by removing the car’s headrest or re-installing it facing backwards. If you can’t do this the Nova 2 Seatfix is probably not suitable for your car.

The seat looks attractive and the covers are machine washable, although they are quite difficult to remove and put back on. They seat is well padded and provides very good leg support, it has a good seating position and it offers a good view out the window.