Do you have a stack of Christmas or birthdays cards that you can’t bear to throw away? Then try out these clever ideas for turning them into attractive and useful keepsakes.

Tree Ornaments

Recycling_Craft_-_Used_Christmas_Card_Tree_Ornament_330 reveal just how easy it it to use glitter, ribbon and decorative edged scissors to turn this year’s Christmas card images into next year’s tree ornaments.

Treasure Baskets


Recycle your greetings cards into these little blanket-stitched treasure baskets created by Pink and Green Mama.


card craft

Turn discs of punched card into colourful garlands for a party or to brighten up a bedroom. This idea comes from


card pad

Need a handy notebook to throw in your handbag? Hope Studios demonstrates how to use your favourite card images and loose sheets of lined or plain paper to create these take-anywhere, eco-friendly pads.



Make cheerful placemats or coasters by cutting up old greetings cards into squares, sticking them onto backing paper and then laminating. You can find the tutorial on Junk Mail Gems blog.



Make This Home have transformed old cards into pretty postcards by cutting off the backs and softening the corners with a corner shaping tool, available from craft shops.


Heart House Ornament3

This whimsical “Heart House Ornament” that would look great in a little girl’s room. Use a heart-shaped paper punch, like this one, if you find cutting identical shapes problematic.