By Laura Mason

It’s that time of year when you can really dig out the summer wardrobe.  I find summer clothing much more fun – bright, colourful, and lots of floaty items that allow kids to be freer.

Footwear is a big consideration for me on the summer front, there’s a lot of choice when it comes to sandals, however many of them don’t provide that essential foot support for developing feet, which is why I have loyally stuck with Bobux.

Kiwi brand, Bobux, is one of the children’s footwear industry leaders.  With innovation and leading research in foot health, they have a strong commitment to supporting the development of children’s feet that to my knowledge and research hasn’t been matched with any other brand.

This year they have launched a new Quickdry range for the summer season.  The range extends three styles, Tropicana, Zap and Tidal, that all feature a quick drying leather that guarantees not to loose shape upon contact with water, and as the name suggests, is incredibly quick drying, so no soggy feet – yay!

Bobux Quickdry Range

I ordered a pair for my two eldest children.  For the best choice I’d recommend ordering online, however you will also find many independent shoe retailers stock Bobux.

Nosing the website, the size guide easily allowed me to double check the kids’ feet sizes to ensure accuracy when ordering, always a hesitating of mine when ordering online.  Browsing through the styles within this range, I loved the vibrant, bold colours that make great statement pieces, and without contrasting colours they tend to go with any item of clothing so there’s not worrying about them ‘not matching’.

Taking them out the box, they are as expected a proper sandal – a solid base, cushioned heel and supportive.  The style is great, very enclosed, the SS range is more gladiator sandal so be prepared for some funky tan lines when the sun makes it’s full time appearance, but in essence a really strong sandal option.

On first wear Grace was in the local stream, I couldn’t have pitched it any better had I have tried!  I tend to like new shoes to look ‘new’ for a while, so I must admit while it was a good test to the claims, I wanted them to look perfect for longer than one hour of wear!  But to the test they went and after a dip, while her friends were moaning about wet feet (granted they didn’t all have sandals on so a rooky error on their part!) she took them off and within 30 minutes they were dry enough for her to pop back on.

Bobux Quickdry Range

I’ve been examining them closely for watermarks on the leather, and early signs of fading but so far so good and we are a few weeks in now.  There’s been no shape alteration either, something quite important as the sandals feature a lot of strapping that cages over the foot so it needs to maintain it’s shape for efficiency and style.

Style wise, both the children recently wore them to a wedding (a beach wedding too – I couldn’t make this up!), which just about says it all.  They can be dressed up or down as a beautiful modern take on a classic design that has a casual and practical element to them with a prominent high quality that means you can easily pair them with a special outfit and they don’t look out of place, whereas flip flops definitely would!

My only one critique is that the white soles, that feature an etched ‘Bobux’ logo, can hold the dirt a little, especially if the water/ground isn’t clean.  Fortunately, the material is easy wipe clean, and they come up as new but with it being white it’s more noticeable than a darker colour.

The sandals are fantastic; the Quickdry technology does exactly as it says.  Over the summer months I usually like to have a pair of ‘sensible’ sandals and a pair of Croc-style sandals to combat the need for something waterproof, but these work well covering both options.  Roll on more trips to the beach and splash pad this summer!

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