By Laura Mason

It’s not every day that a big brand has a major overhaul of its branding and product, but that is exactly what JOHNSON’S® has gone and done.

Probably best known as one of the original baby toiletry brands, and celebrating it’s 125th birthday, JOHNSON’S® products now find themselves in a market flooded with products that are each inching for a unique selling point.  However JOHNSON’S® is still going strong, I know for one that there hasn’t been a baby shower I am yet to attend that didn’t feature a JOHNSON’S® gift somewhere in the line up.

But in order to keep it’s position as one of the best loved baby brands, JOHNSON’S® has addressed the trends in the market and considered what matters most to parents to make changes to it’s ingredients and packaging to ensure parents stay loyal and feel happy with their products.

Working closely with UK parents and research experts, over 400 ingredients were rejected as part of the reformulation.  New and improved products have now replaced parabens, sulphates and dyes with an emphasis on hypoallergenic and naturally derived ingredients ensuring they’re kinder to baby and sensitive skin.

Split into four categories, there are still a lot of the familiar products parents have come to know and love (so no need to panic!) but also the introduction of a new range, the JOHNSON’S® CottontouchTM.  Designed especially for newborns, the range features ultra-light and pH balanced washes and lotions made with real cotton to ensure the products are as light and gently on their newborn skin.

Johnson's Baby Products

I was sent out a mix of the products to test with my children.  The first thing that struck me was the packaging – when you are so used to seeing the same packaging for a brand it’s quite noticeable but I was impressed – chunkier bottles, easier dispensers and a refreshing take on the branding.  The four ranges can be easily identified with some new packaging that contains icons to distinguish between the Newborn, Active Baby, Toddler+ and Originals ranges.

The CottontouchTM Wash & Shampoo smelt beautiful, just a fresh, light hint of fragrance with the product a thin creamy texture, yet light to touch.  It left my children’s skin feeling super soft and moisturised.  The other products, such as the Strength Drops Kids Shampoo, Baby Protective Nappy Care Cream and Baby Bath are all products we have used for many years and despite the new, safer formulation, I didn’t feel that the products lacked in their purpose in any way with the shampoo creating a healthy lather, and nappy cream providing a strong barrier as I have come to expect.

I think it’s a great move on JOHNSON’S® part – safer products, more practical packaging and the development of a new range that should stand them in good stead to see off competition for the next 125 years!

The new JOHNSON’S® range can be found in major retailers across UK and Ireland including ASDA, Boots, and Tesco.