By Laura Mason

We’ve all been there, doing our hair, applying make up or painting our nails.  It seems our mini-mes are just desperate and chomping at the bit to do the same.

I have often ended up painting 2yo Marley’s nails after a little voice keeps insisting she must have her hands done too.  I haven’t minded on special occasions, but the sheer smell and chemicals in the solution and required to remove the polish (after half of it has chipped off) make me a little uneasy as I know there’s a lot of nasties packed in there which cannot be kind to gentle hands and nails.  I take such care with brands of wipes and lotions on her skin that it seems a conflict of interest to then be painting on nail polish.

And this is where this review comes in; a brand new exciting product has hit the shelves in the UK.  French brand, Nailmatic Kids, has landed on our shores, bringing a nail polish created especially for children.

Nailmatic Kids

The polishes are advised as being completed safe for tiny fingers using a water-based chemical-free formula that contains none of the nasties (no phthalates, formaldehyde or fragrances).  Better still, the polish magically disappears with a quick wash of soap and warm water so again no need for harsh removers or tough scrubbing.

Testing them out with Marley, we had lots of fun together.  I found myself more open to allowing her to take control of her nails (and mine!) in the knowledge it is easy to remove, whether that’s from her nails, fingers or even the floor!  True to form, the polish is very easy to wash off. Despite some initial scepticism, it comes off with a little pressure, not so easily that it’ll disappear as part of bath time routine, but definitely purposefully.

The polishes come in quirky bottles and packaging adorned with fun faces and expressions kids will love.  I really liked the design, they have a light-hearted theme of amusement and creativity as opposed to encouraging children to indulge in beauty products, and make great looking gift items too.  The range comes in a wide variety of colours, 19 to be exact, including some pretty glitter-based polishes, so plenty of choice to mix and match.

The polishes are priced £6.99 each and available from