New BCA research has revealed that 57% of motorists illegally park outside school gates. This staggering figure has prompted an anxious response from parents who are now questioning the safety of their children as they drop them off to school.

The research surveyed both parents and non-parents and found that 47% of non-parents use the same route as parents dropping their children off to school. Other key findings showed that 46% of all motorists thought parents drive their children to school as it takes too long to walk and 57% of motorists see illegal parking outside of school gates. Just under half of all motorists said that parents and children have opened car doors without being aware of oncoming traffic.

These statistics all point towards congestion problems around schools and increased safety risks both to motorists and children. Tim Naylor, Editor of the BCA Used Car Market Report has commented, ‘There are potentially dangerous choices being made by some drivers when it comes to double parking outside the school gates and ‘drop and go’ tactics that leave pupils having to negotiate busy roads before reaching the safety of the school.’

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