About to brave the January sales now that the initial crowds have gone? If so, read the latest safety blog from Sian at Simply Safety Solutions(www.simplesafetysolutions.com)

It’s the second week of January and the high street Sales are still in full swing. If you decide to hit the shops, get baby wrapped up in suitable retail therapy attire, and word to the wise, leave dawdling Dads at home in front of the TV!

As we know, January sale shopping ranks just below root canal surgery on most men’s list of favourite weekend activities. Few men know what to say in response to ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ or the understanding of your need for another ‘essential’ pair of shoes, so when you suggest to your man that the sales are the perfect place to acquire all your baby-related needs, don’t be surprised if he’s slightly less than enthusiastic.

So, with your wallet in one hand, baby in the other, it’s time to keep your eyes peeled for a bargain. If you’re planning to get everything from blankets to baby bouncers over the next few weeks, you may as well try to save a few bob while you’re at it.

A few golden rules before hitting the high street…

Plan ahead

Prepare a shopping list of what you need (you can add the ‘what you want’ later!). Decide what you need before going and stick to it. If you’re a new mum, talk to a friend who has a child a year ahead of yours and ask them what they really needed. By preparing, it’s a great way to start thinking about what your baby needs. Imagine your home from their perspective. Are they walking? If so, they’ll quickly get the exploring bug so safety gates, playpens and walkers are a must.

If you’re lucky enough to have booked your holiday for summer 2014, now is a great time to save on summer travel accessories for journeys with the kids. Think travel cots, seats and sun shades – saving you more spending money for the beach if you buy in advance!

Safety first

Bargain price designer items may look the part, but before you get spend happy and blinded by their beauty, be savvy and do your homework. Does it pass European safety law and testing procedures? Despite your newfound eye for a bargain, this comes second to quality when baby shopping.

Know your stuff

The sales are a great time to bag a bargain on electrical equipment, which could save you hundreds in the long run.

Check out savings on baby monitors – a must have for any busy mum wanting peace of mind. Modern baby monitors are much more than just a listening device. You can get an array of new features, with digital options and even video if you want to watch your little one sleep as well as hear them if they wake. The reassurance you get from a monitor can be second to none, so it’s worth doing your research and getting a great deal during the sales to save some valuable pounds.

Click it!

And if you weren’t born with a bargain-hunters elbow grinding approach or a Debenhams store guide imprinted on your memory, you can always leave the seasoned shoppers to it, and enjoy your sales season, with baby, a cuppa and some online shopping on your laptop whilst catching up on EastEnders!

Well… it is looking a bit grey out there.