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Samsung may be a world-leader when it come to mobile phone technology, but will the Samsung SEW-3036W BabyView Baby Monitor prove to be equally impressive? Our reviewer finds out:


This easy to use wireless baby monitoring system includes a high resolution LCD monitor and wireless camera, complete with night vision for safe night time monitoring. The built-in microphone and speaker allow you to hear and talk to your baby, while the 250m range means parents can rest assured that the pure digital signal remains free from interference from other electrical items in the home. The system can be expanded with up to four cameras (sold separately).

Reviewer’s Opinion

I must admit, I was drawn to the Samsung SEW-3036W BabyView because I’m a fan of the brand and liked how the monitor looked. The screen is a good size and the resolution is as expected, although it blurs a little when you zoom in (I think this is a common problem with most baby monitors). It was also really easy to set up, which is great when you already have a hundred and one other things to do.

The battery will run out after around 5-6 hours if you leave the screen on all the time, but you can extend this by sleeping the screen when you aren’t looking at it and just using the audio. The only issue was that the monitor unpaired from the parent system once, but this was easily fixed. A nightlight would be nice, too.

I was really pleased with the performance of this monitor. At between £110-30, the Samsung SEW-3036W BabyView is about the same price as similar video monitors – not cheap – but we would happily purchase this again.

Essex Baby Rating

We have rated this monitor a 4 out of 5, dropping a mark only because it unpaired and doesn’t have a nightlight. I would recommend the Samsung SEW-3036W BabyView to other mums.

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