This Christmas Eve Santa and his sleigh are set to shine brightly over the UK – but will you be waiting to spot him?

If the skies are clear on the big day, the Christmas season will be made even more magical for little ones who manage to catch a glimpse of Santa as he rushes to deliver his presents.

When to see him?

NASA have confirmed that Santa’s sleigh – sometimes refered to as the International Space Station (ISS) – will be once again zooming across the UK well ahead of bedtime.

The Santa fly-by journey will begin not long after sunset on Christmas Eve. You will be able to see it as it rises in the west at 4.42pm, before passes low on the horizon and then disappears from view at 4.50pm in the south east.

For exact times depending on where you are in the country visit:

What will it look like?

The ISS will look very much like the brightest star in the sky or the lights of an aeroplane, expect this particular light won’t flash. It will pretty fast, which makes it fairly easy to identify.

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