It’s a nightmare situation that every parent dreads, yet new research has shown that only 1 in 5 mums and dads would know what to do if their baby began to choke.

Recent research by St John Ambulance found that 40% of parents had witnessed their baby choking, but only one-fifth knew how to handle the situation.

To help tackle this issue and remind parents of the danagers of small objects, the first aid charity have released a short video offering tips for treating a choking baby.

The Chokeables – a short video featuring the voice talents of David Walliams, David Mitchell, Johnny Vegas and Sir John Hurt – was put together by the organisation to help parents remember several essential life-saving steps.

After being viewed by millions of people, the clip has been credited with saving a number of young lives.

Within a month of the video’s release, St John Ambulence revealed in a statement that 42 members of the public have contacted them to say the animation had helped them to save a child’s life.

Mum of two Tiffany Sims, from Bury St Edmunds, saved a little boy in a café after seeing the video on Facebook.

“When we realised what was happening, the little boy was bright purple and very distressed,” she told the charity.

“We all panicked, but I’d seen the St John Ambulance advert, The Chokeables, on Facebook just a couple of days before and I remembered what to do. I gave the baby backslaps and cleared his airway quickly. It was very scary and upsetting, but I’m so glad I knew what to do.”

It takes just 40 seconds to learn how to save a life. Make sure you share this video with your family and friends.