A five-year-old boy who was born without hands will be able to open his Christmas presents for the first time after being given prosthetics.

Mum Stephanie, from Bathgate, West Lothian, told the Sunday People: “We are going to have a wonderful Christmas this year.

“Daniel is thrilled with his new hand. He can’t stop smiling. It means that he can do so much more now that he can grip things like his presents and pull crackers too.”

Stephanie had no idea that anything was amiss with Daniel’s development until after his birth.

“There was no explanation for why it had happened in the womb, I was told it was just one of those things. But it was a massive shock to me as I hadn’t imagined anything would be wrong with him.”

Daniel had his first prosthetic arm fitted at six months to help him gain his balance as he learnt to crawl, but he quickly rejected it.

Stephanie said: “He never needed anything else, he just adapted to doing things without any proper hands. But then a few months ago he started to say that he really wanted a hand with five fingers, just like everyone else.”

Stephanie, who is supported by REACH, a charity that helps children with upper limb deformities, took Daniel to the Astley Ainslie Hospital in Edinburgh where doctors made him a prosthetic hand with fingers that opened and closed.

Pleased with the results, Stephanie said: “It really is the best present that Daniel could ever have wished for.

“It was wonderful to see him being able to pull Christmas crackers for the first time this year. It’s something that I never thought I’d be able to see.”

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