Essex Baby Review

It is summer time again and we are taking a look at one of the fun new toy ranges on the market ideal for a family beach day – Scrunch beach toys!


The Scrunch seaside range are designed to be all the fun that yours need at the seaside, while being easy to pack and very economical on space. The spade has a soft handle, the net has a telescopic handle so can be pushed together quite small, the ball can be easily inflated and deflated on the go, the moulds can be squared up, and the bucket can simply be rolled up.

Reviewers Opinionscrunch beach toys

My children absolutely loved the look of the Scrunch beach toys collection, they feel interesting and are very brightly coloured. From my point of view I think they are a cover design as they hardly take up any room when packing the car, in comparison to when I have a full plastic set of beach toys. I think that the spade is great and works well as a spade even with a soft handle. Also the moulds are very good and make good shape in the sand. Once the ball was blown up it was great fun, however blowing it up was really quite hard work as it seemed quite stiff to blow up. The bucket has a rigid handle and a soft bucket, which works well most of the time. If it was over loaded with sand it was prone to tipping over and could potentially be a little bigger.

Typically Priced

Around £1.99 for the spade – £5.99 net and ball – £6.25 moulds – £7.99 bucket

Essex Baby Rating

We have rated the Scrunch beach toys range a 4 out of 5

Score out of 5

Product description 4.5
Appearance 5
Design 4.5
Value for Money 4

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