Lizzie Heiselt, a mother-of-three living in Brooklyn, New York, admits to occasionally leaving her ‘homebody’ son of seven-years-old at home alone for up to 45 minutes at a time.

Lizzie says that she feels it is important for parents to draw the line between protecting their children and ‘keep[ing] them from developing confidence and growing into their own capable person.’

On occasion, she leaves her seven-year-old son in their apartment for short periods of time of 45 minutes or less, and she says the independence and confidence it gives him is well worth it. She says: “It’s essential for kids to learn and be confident that they have the ability to take care of themselves and to fight their own battles – and to know that they have the support and confidence of their parents as well.”

Lizzie admits that when her two-year-old daughter turns seven, she will have to gage her temperament and maturity before she leaves her alone in the house, like her older brother. “Getting in the way of that maturing process can, I believe, cripple children as they grow up and don’t have the confidence or the knowledge of how to handle problems as they arise,” she explains.

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