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The Simply Baby range is smaller than some of the other brands, however, I really feel Simple have captured all the products we would need as parents. Who needs 20 products in the bathroom when four does the job?!

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Simple Baby is soap, perfume and colour-free caring for even the most delicate skin, with no irritation that other products can cause. I reviewed the Simple Baby Moisturising Wipes, Moisturising Shampoo, All-in-One Wash and the Moisturising Bath.

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I have never used Simple Baby products before so was really intrigued when I was asked to review them. I’m usually a person that goes for “smelly” products as I love things to smell fresh and new so trying a brand that prides themselves on perfume free was a new avenue!

The first product in the range that I used was the Moisturising Wipes. These are quite possibly the most durable on the market (and as a parent I normally go through hundreds!). The pack is deceiving and contains more wipes per pack than other leading brands. They are fantastic for all things baby related, from bottoms to faces, even removing the most stubborn home-made Spaghetti Bolognese in one fell swoop!

In order to test the bath products, I decided to use them all together and separately so that I could get a good feel for each product. I have to admit, as I began using them I couldn’t help but think how on earth is my child going to smell gorgeous and childlike with a non-smelling bath product, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. My son emerged from the bath smelling… well definitely not like a boy usually does!

The shampoo lathers really quickly, but better yet, rinses off easily. As parents, finding a shampoo that does this has been no mean feat especially when combined with a wriggly child. The product rinsed away quickly, easily and efficiently with no soap suds left behind (which I usually find when drying their hair!).

The All-in-One Wash does exactly as it suggests and is a fantastic product especially for mums with younger babies as there is no faffing around with lots of different bottles. This would be great in a travel bottle for those nights away!

My son loved the Moisturising Bath as it produces lots of bubbles. On one occasion I only popped this in the bath and let him have a splash about without any other product, apart from shampoo, and I still felt like he was clean. He couldn’t believe his luck when I said that mummy wasn’t going to be pulling him about to clean him and he was free to play for the whole time! It was definitely a win-win situation!

The great thing about the Simple products is that even though they are different products, each item is consistent. They all leave a child’s hair and skin really soft – even my son commented on how soft and fluffy his hair was! The other great thing is how little of each product you have to use. The first time round I completely went overboard but at each subsequent bath time, I reduced the amount I used until I was only using the tiniest bit of each product. I never felt like I was scrimping . The shampoo especially goes a really long way.

I am extremely impressed with all these products. Even though the range is smaller than some of the other brands, I really feel Simple have captured all the products we would need as parents. Who needs 20 products in the bathroom when four does the job?!

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I give this product 5 out of 5. The product range caters for all the needs of a parent in a simple and easy to use format whilst taking away any worries parents may have about their child’s delicate skin.

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