Essex Baby Review

I tested this product on my toddler and I felt it was not only a well-made product, but also a great and unique idea to help parents save money by not having to replace so many lost hats and gloves.

Product Description and Price

We tested the Snoodz n Mitz in Royal Blue. They double up as a snug snood and gloves for outdoors, as well as a trendy dribble band with matching wrist warmers for indoors. The items are made from 95% supersoft cotton and 5% stretchy spandex and they are both comfortable and cool. Price – £12.50.Why do you want to recommend this product?

I want to recommend this product as I liked the practicality and usefulness of the Snoodz set. You do not need a separate hat and scarf with the Snoodz, and the Mitz are great as they can be pushed up on to the wrist for when finger use is needed. They are easy to get on/off, the fabric is soft and saves time as you don’t have to repeatedly put on/take off. This is a very handy product!

Essex Baby Rating:


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I rate this product as a four out of five. The Snoodz ‘n’ Mitz set is a great idea which eliminates the inevitable (in my experience with my toddler!) loss of hats and gloves when out and about, whilst still providing warmth.

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