This week we’re sending birthday wishes to a local baby brand who have been helping parents go hands-free for a whole five years!

Sleepy Nico, which manufactures and sells bespoke baby carriers and slings, is an award-winning Suffolk business that keeps community at its heart.

The great news for parents is that Sleepy Nico will be marking their birthday celebrations with five special events this summer.

Firstly, Sleepy Nico will be holding an online competition to name its new baby carrier design – with the successful winner getting one of their very own.

sleepy nico

Visit their website for details on how to enter the Sleepy Nico competition (entry closes Sun, June 11).

The 100% British brand will then be opening a pop up shop at Raspberry Rascals, Bury St Edmunds, where shoppers can get unique discounts and watch a short film about Sleepy Nico’s philosophy.

Lastly, two special parties will be held – one in Sheffield and the other on home turf at Raspberry Rascals on June 8.

Angeline Braidwood, who grew the business from a casual hobby, said: “We have had a whirlwind five years in business and hope to continue to grow and develop our successful Suffolk brand.

“We have grown steadily year on year and now stock a range of baby carriers in a wide selection of beautiful fabrics.”

Angeline adds: “Our carriers combine affordability with good quality and offer style and individuality to parents.”

“We are very proud of everything we have achieved on our journey so far and look forward to bigger and better things in future.”

For more information on Sleepy Nico visit