There’s nothing quite like home-baked goodies… but if you don’t have time for that, you need a tasty alternative that isn’t jammed full of E-numbers.

When we got the chance to test out some of the new and updated products in the Fabulous Bakers range, we were more than a little excited. Since daughter number one has long been an avid fan of the brand’s chocolate cupcake, this seemed like a great opportunity to see if any of the other products would be equally popular.

One word of warning to nut allergy suffers. In the past I recall that this brand’s factory was nut-free and therefore great for those with allergies. However, the factory is now handling new lines which do contain nuts, so this is something important to keep in mind before you buy.

First up were the Double Chocolate Mini Muffins.

Just the right size for young children (or a mummy on a diet), these mini muffins were cleared in double-quick time. The chocolate ganache centre was a lovely surprise and we were all a bit astounded by how much flavour was in something so small (they stand at respectable 8cm high).

fabulous bakers

After use the inside of the box is also printed with instructions on how to turn it into an origami cocoa tree, which was a nice touch.

The Raspberry and White Chocolate Popcorn Bars were an unexpected hit. I was concerned that the inclusion popcorn would make them a bit too chewy, but I was proved wrong.

fabulous bakers

I was also glad to see the raspberry taste came from the freeze dried piece and natural flavouring. Both my children really enjoyed these and have been asking me to buy more.

Next up were the Golden Oaty Flapjacks. These are the sort of hearty flapjacks you’d take on a ramble through the British countryside in the summer – thick and made with chunky rolled oats and a good dash of honey.

fabulous bakers

The simple ingredients give this treat its biggest appeal, as well as the fibre and slow-release energy from the oats. It’s difficult to go wrong with a flapjack though, so on to the final product…

The Banana Brunch Bars are once again filled with natural ingredients – dried banana, oats, sunflower seeds, and raisins. These bars perhaps didn’t raise the same enthusiasm as the other three products, but only because as a household were not big fans of raisins.

fabulous bakers

If you are, however, this would make a delicious treat. I found them to be very filling, full of flavour, and not at all dry. I had one instead of lunch during a busy day and it saw me through till dinner time, which is a big bonus.

After trying all the products, I can safely say we would recommend the brand to others as good alternative to baking your own treats from scratch.

They can be found in Asda, Ocado and Sainsbury’s ranging from £1.50- £1.79 per multipack.