Think your kids have it easy? These childhood diary entries recently unearthed by an American teen might make you think again.

Madie Cardon from Utah, now 16, recently stumbled upon a diary she kept when she was just seven-years-old – and it’s proof that even the youngest children are far from stress-free!

Childhood diary drama

Beginning on 13th February 2008, the diary entries show a whole lot of angst (spelling mistakes in original):

“I dont know if I can do this anymore. I think I have depression. Today at school, my crush Riley was chasing other girls on the playground! I thout he liked me. And guess who he was chasing! Jessica!

“She is such a player! She hugs at least 5 boys every day! I am so mad at her. I think I will tell riley her secret. She wears pull ups! After he finds out he won’t like her anymore.”

Valentine’s heartache

Pretty racy stuff, but thingS only get worse for little Madie as she faces heartbreak on Valentine’s Day.

“My depression is getting strong,” she wrote. “Today is Valentine’s Day. I made Riley a Valentine. Me and Katelyn stayed up all night makin it.”

“Before Riley got to school, I put it in his desk. When he got to school, he looked in his desk he found my box. I wrote anonymous on it so he wouldn’t know it was from me. Right when he looked at it, he threw it away. I am still crying. I have depression.”

The next day saw Madie coming to a conclusion that will sound very familiar to women of all ages.

She wrote: “Worst day ever. Riley told me he likes Jessica. I am done with boys. I want to kill all of them.”

Since uploading the entries, Madie’s youthful despair has been a big hit online, clocking up over 30,000 retweets.

You can read the full extracts for yourself on the twitter link below.