Mums and dads are being advised to tell their children they love them every day in order to improve learning at school.

In a leaflet written by the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) and charity Family Action, parents are also urged to praise youngsters regularly and to avoid swearing, shouting or smoking in front of them.

The leaflet has been written in response to concerns that the pressures of modern life make it easy for parents to forget to do the small things that boost children’s self-esteem.

Bernadette Hunter, president of NAHT said: “Sometimes we assume our children know that we love them but children need to hear the words.

“If children feel happy and healthy at home then they come into the classroom free from worries and ready to learn.”

Chief executive of Family Action David Holmes adds: “If the practical advice in this simple leaflet makes a parent pause just for a second and reflect on the wellbeing of their child then it will have done a good job.”

The two organisations have produced five leaflets offering parenting advice, but do mums and dads really need to be reminded to show their children love? Is it possible to teach something that should be instinctive? Please share your views by commenting below.

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