There is nothing more exciting and fun than preparing the nursery for your new arrival,  selecting the colour scheme, choosing the equipment, decorations and soft furnishings.

With the soft furnishings, there is so much choice, different colours, animals, shapes, all packaged up as nursery bedding sets that you obviously really need, otherwise it wouldn’t be on the shop shelves….or so you think!

Nursery bedding sets usually come complete with curtains, duvet cover, blanket, fitted sheet and the all important cot bumper. My particular issue is this, the cot bumper….

Yes, it makes the cot look pretty, it will help keep your little one snug and also protect their tiny little head whilst they sleep. BUT and its a very big but,  it also increases the risk of cot death.

Several reports have been issued by reputable bodies and organising advising parents not to use cot bumpers in their baby’s bed because they are a known risk factor for cot death. The reports warn that babies can suffocate against or be trapped by cot bumpers. The reports say that babies can also be strangled by the ties that attach the cot bumpers to the cot rails.

Traditional quilted cot bumpers are not recommended by health experts, including the NHS, for the following reasons:

  • by restricting the flow of fresh air in and out of the cot, the bumpers may contribute to overheating and re-breathing of exhaled air.
  • Just like a pillow or thick blanket, cot bumpers can restrict a baby’s breathing if they come into contact with their nose and mouth.
  • The ties used to attach bumpers to the cot can cause accidents if they are pulled loose.
  • Older babies may use bumpers as an aid to climb out of the cot.

I only received an email last week from a mum who had read the Nappy Bag article we published ‘A Tragic Story’, advising that she had recently removed her cot bumper as her baby had got trapped between the bumper and the cot.

The email prompted me to write this short piece to raise awareness of this potential hazard to expecting and new mums.

Have you got a cot bumper? Have you considered it to be a danger? Have you ever found your little one stuck in between it and the cot? Please share your thoughts by commenting below.