Essex Baby Review was recently sent a DreamBaby Premium Deluxe Bath Seat to review by Simple Safety Solutions. We passed it over to one of the mums in our review team, who tried it out with her daughter and who has now written a review. If you’re thinking of buying a bath seat for your little one, take a read and see what she thinks!

Product Description and Price

The Dreambaby® Premium Deluxe Bath Seat is for children aged six months to two years of age. It features a high back for added comfort and the front opens quickly and easily to make getting baby in and out more convenient. It is priced at £19.99

Why do you want to recommend this product?

The Dreambaby® bath seat has a very sturdy design and has large suction cups underneath to keep it firmly rooted to the bath.


My daughter is very confident in the bath and enjoyed using the bath seat, the front opening was easy to use and made it easier to get her out the bath. I can see that this product would be great for babies (and parents) who may be nervous about bath time. My little one has always preferred to lie down in the bath and move around a lot! The bath seat gave me peace of mind that she would not spontaneously rollover or try to stand. It also gave her more freedom to play with the bath toys.


As mentioned the bath seat is sturdy but is also quite bulky. Even though it folds for storage, I still found it hard to store and it now lives in the airing cupboard when not in use. Although the suction cups are strong – which is a good safety feature – they do also make it hard to remove the seat from the bath.


Essex Baby Rating:


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I have rated the Dreambaby® Premium Bath Seat a 3 out of 5 because it is practical and sturdy, but it’s a bit bulky to store.

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