A love of cooking often begins at an early age. We take a look at The World In My Kitchen, a new cookery book for kids from the co-creators of CBeebies’ I Can Cook.

Are you raising the next Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson? The only way to find out is to get them in that kitchen and let the magic happen.

The World In My Kitchen, by Sally Brown and Kate Morris, takes recipes from around the globe and adapts them so that even young children can do most of the work themselves. Forget sharp knives and tricky instructions, these recipes are easy to follow and can be made without needing lots of fancy equipment.

The World In My Kitchen

Most of the meals are intended to feed two adults and two children, with the exception of the snack dishes and cakes. The youngest chefs will need some assistance from an adult ‘sous chef’, but this is mostly reserved for dealing with hot ovens.

Just like in the I Can Cook television series, children are encouraged to practice safer alternatives to some of the more risky cooking jobs, such as chopping up ingredients using scissors inside a mug. There are also top cooking tips The World In My Kitchen on the best way to break an egg, de-stalk a pepper or cook long-grain rice, as well as reminders about the importance of washing hands and keeping a clean and tidy work space.

In addition to the recipes, The World In My Kitchen is filled with fun facts and information about the countries that each recipe originates from, plus everything from fruity jokes to identifying the most common types of fish.

Of course, the real proof of any cookery book is in the pudding, so I let my seven-year-old loose in the kitchen to see how she’s cope without much help from Mum.

It was lovely to watch her following the recipe and producing a dish all on her own. She chose to make the Mauritius Banana Bread and amazingly, aside from a little help with measurements and the oven, she did pretty much all of the baking by herself.

For creating grown-up recipes that even kids can make, I would highly recommend trying The World In My Kitchen. It’s a great introduction to home cooking and I know my daughter can’t wait to get back in the kitchen.

The World In My Kitchen is due for release on 21 July 2016 and can be pre-ordered for £12.99