Three mums were reportedly arrested on suspicion of affray after a fight broke out over parking on the school run.

The alleged incident took place when one mum took exception to another mother parking on a kerb outside a primary school during the morning drop-off.

Another mum quickly became involved, leading to the brief punch-up outside Perry Wood Primary and Nursery school in Worcester.

Police arrived and arrested two women in their 30s and one in their 40s on suspicion of affray.

School run brawl

An unnamed eye witness said: “A car was parked on the kerb and people were going past.

“I think when she put the car onto the kerb she didn’t see there was anyone on the pavement.

“The lady banged the car to say there were children going past.

“I think the driver got a bit panicky and tried to move and there were some other people crossing with their kids.

“They started swearing and then one of the other ladies came towards her and one punched another one.

“School staff came out and the police came in a van and a car.

“They took a lady down into the van and another couple off.

“It’s that five minute rush but they are all parents they should know about the safety of others and themselves.”

Parking problems

In a problem replicated across the country, neighbours in the cul-de-sac next to the school admit that inconsiderate parking is all too common during the school run.

One resident said: “They park on the pavement. You can’t push a pushchair through so they go into the road.

“It’s not right but if we say anything to them they say you shouldn’t live where there’s a school.

“They can be quite foul mouthed and nasty about it so you just bite your tongue and you learn to live with it.”

A West Mercia Police spokesperson said: “We were called at around 9am to reports of an altercation on Peterborough Close.

“Two women in their 30s and another in their 40s all from Worcester were arrested on suspicion of affray.”