Have you ever wondered how men would cope if they had to undergo the aches and pains of pregnancy? Three fathers are attempting to discover the answer by wearing two-and-a-half stone baby bumps for a month.

Jason Bramley, Steve Hanson and Jonny Biggins are donning pregnancy suits to honour mums and develop a better understanding of what women typically go through to become parents.

The three pregnant dads, who are the creators of a new personalised Mother’s Day book called Book Of Mum, are charting the events of their ‘pregnancies’ on their blog site Three Pregnant Men.

Their bump suits, also equipped with fake boobs, are designed to put pressure on their internal organs, leading to abdominal distention and an inability to get comfortable, especially at night.

Father-of-one Steve, 46, said: “Every day things like putting on your socks becomes a monumental task.

“On day three I didn’t sleep a wink, I just couldn’t get settled.

“I tried to make a small city out of pillows around my bump. My boobs, which at first were quite a pleasurable novelty, soon became about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit.

“They were way too warm and hung on my arm, sending it to sleep and waking me at the same time.”

Jason, 41, has described how household tasks became difficult once he was ‘expecting’: “The relatively simple chores have become mammoth tasks…. The thought of wallpapering my son’s bedroom is giving me a panic attack.”

While a bump suit may not allow dads to experience all tribulations of a real pregnancy, whether it be swollen ankles, nausea or heart burn, it’s great to see men experiencing just a few of trials that all pregnant mums must face.

Dads-to-be, take note!

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