If you are thinking of throwing a bonfire night party this year, we have come up with some useful tips and ideas on how to set the night off with a bang! Everyone loves a good firework display and when you are playing host to one it’s important to ensure the safety of your guests, especially when children are likely to be running around the garden. Here’s a step-by-step guide to throwing your very own bonfire night party.

Buying Fireworks

Buy safe fireworks:

  • Make sure you only purchase fireworks from a reputable trader to make sure that they have been following the correct firework regulations. Do not buy fireworks from stalls, vans, warehouses, or any other unlicensed vendor.
  • As stated in the firework safety guidelines, make sure that the fireworks are marked with BS7114- this means that they meet British safety standards.
  • Choose a selection of indoor and outdoor fireworks to spark some excitement before and after the display. Indoor fireworks require very little space, and may not be as impressive as outdoor ones, but if you have little ones around, they will love the idea of fireworks inside the house!

Top 5 parent tips for successful bonfire parties

1) “All pile off to the local display; then back to the house for mulled wine, soup, baked spuds, chilli and toffee apples, all prepared in advance. Or bought in advance, for those of us who have lives that preclude the opportunity to cook…” – Amy P, Harlow

2) “Lots of buckets of sand. We always get black sheets of paper and chalk for the kids to draw their fireworks on. Homemade thick chicken soup, roasted chestnuts, hard black treacle toffee, jackets pots with cheese and beans, buy the dog an iPod with headphones!!” – Ellie G, Colchester

3) “Buy noise reducing headphones for kids under three to avoid damaging their hearing. We got ours for under £10 a pair each and they come in cool neon colours (keeps their ears warm too)” – Lisa S, Maldon

4) “The golden rule is to act normally and to avoid punishing or comforting a frightened pet. Just make them a comfortable soundproofed den (cupboard under the stairs/old duvet thrown over a space between furniture/bathroom, etc., wherever they’ll go willingly), close curtains, put telly on and give dogs a big meal of pasta or rice at dusk, and let them get on with it” – Sarah W, Harwich

5) “I think you need to have a realistic number of fireworks – if you have too many, people get bored and more importantly careless. This is when accidents occur. If guests are bringing fireworks with them ask them to bring a maximum of three (for instance) so you don’t end up with heaps of them to let off” – Katie M, Southend

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