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Are you looking for a maternity dress for a party, or perhaps for a wedding or special occasion in 2014? If so, read Emma Holbrook’s review of the Amelia Short Dress from maternity retailer, Tiffany Rose.

Product Description and Price

Tiffany Rose began in 2003 with a simple aim: to offer pregnant women the chance to wear exciting, elegant, beautiful and well-made designs for special occasions.

They say:

“Our designs are inspired by icons of the 50s and 60s, timeless classics that will never go out of style, with a touch of vintage or a modern twist. Evoking the sense of special and occasion, we bring to you unusual shades, tonal hues, sumptuous textures and unique prints – all in classic, flattering and wearable styles – and all Made in Britain.”


Why do you want to recommend this product?

One of the hardest things when pregnant is clothing. Ok so jeans/vest tops etc are easy(ish) to find and grow with your bump but when you have a nice occasion and want to feel a little bit special I have always struggled. Most retailers have taken their maternity wear online and it can be really tough finding what suits and fits, it certainly is not as easy as “buy your previous size” as some retailers seem to think! Whilst I love and embrace my bump, I do struggle as I want to feel like me!

When the time came for work to announce the Christmas party date I was dreading it. So I’m going to be 30 weeks pregnant and have nothing to wear. I needed something that a) I felt comfortable in, b) was work appropriate and c) reflected something I would usually wear.

Tiffany Rose is one of those brands that being pregnant you aspire to wear and cross your fingers and toes tightly in the hope of being able to justify purchasing one! The dresses on their website are stunning and cater for all shapes/sizes and colourings. I finally decided on the Amelia Short Dress, although choosing a colour was a different story – it took me ages; however I settled on the Charcoal! The website offers lots of information on choosing the right size even down to material choices so it made it really easy for me and even suggests colours for accessories!
Delivery was so quick and it came in a beautifully tied box; already I was feeling special and I hadn’t even tried the dress on! The letter that came with it made me feel entirely comfortable about returning should I need another size.
So, after snatching the item off the postman (I mean signing for my delivery!), I ran upstairs to try it on. I had 3 weeks until the party I wanted to wear it to, so was really hoping it fitted. My worry had been for nothing. It hugs all my lumps and bumps in the right places, is suitably lined so that I don’t need to worry about horrible underwear lines and gave me a really neat little bump. It also came with a sash that can be worn in many ways above your bump and it showed you how to tie it. I was over the moon, no more worrying about what to wear – I actually began to look forward to the party!

The party arrives and I can’t wait to show off my dress, I chose to wear some purple high heels (with obligatory flat shoes in the bag!) and cream accessories. I don’t think I can accurately describe how this dress made me feel but I’ll try – human, normal, no longer the size of a house!

The comments were great, lots of people wanted to know where the dress was from. Nobody would believe it was a maternity dress, two women even commented it would be worth being pregnant to wear a dress like that and I can honestly say I agree. It is one of my favourite dresses I have ever worn, even outside of pregnancy and the only disappointing factor is that come March I won’t be able to wear it again! Rest assured, for the next 10 weeks I will be wearing this dress as much as I can! It’s an excuse to go out!

Essex Baby Rating:


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I would give this product 5 out of 5. The cut of the dress is beautiful, the choice available in terms of styles and colours is incredible and the customer service is second to none. For all of you debating whether they are worth the money, for the feeling it gave me for the whole evening I would say definitely – us girls deserve a little treat in pregnancy and I would definitely say this was mine!

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