By CJ’s Fitbumps

Now the clocks have turned back, the inevitable season of winter is upon us, yet that doesn’t mean that we have to hibernate & pile on the extra layers of fat that can creep in under those baggy jumpers!  It’s all about acclimatising & adjusting your eating and exercise sessions to suit the seasons!

Here are some handy tips to avoid weight gain this winter and stay on track with your health & fitness throughout the colder months:-

1. Have a summer and a winter fitness regime

Winter is not an excuse to STOP exercising, you just need to adjust your exercise to the weather conditions.  If you are not one to acclimatise to training outside and brave the elements in the cold then why not join your local gym and get yourself a program made up to follow.

2. Set a winter event goal

Set a winter event goal such as a fun run or long distance event to keep you plugged into your training so you continue the habit of good eating and keep your training on track. Having a specific goal makes sure you don’t feel unmotivated to train as it gets cold.

3. Spice up your meals

When cooking your meals, make your meals more comforting by using seasonal herbs & spices.
Using spices like cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper can add so much extra flavour & using herbs like garlic, dill, oregano, parsley, marjoram, sage, thyme, lavender & chamomile.

4. Using soups or bone broth for immunity

Soup is such an easy way to get good quality nutrition into your diet. With lots of vegetables, beans or lentils and some quality meat, soup is the perfect meal to build your immune system.  If you do succumb to the flu there may be some truth to the reputation of the humble chicken soup’s restorative powers. For a more filling soup, try legumes and grains such as quinoa.

Top tips to avoid weight gain this winter

5. Make an effort to get some Vitamin D

The cold, dreary weather can be tempting to want to stay curled up in bed all day but try to stick to your normal sleeping pattern and get outside as much as you can.  During winter, our amount of daylight exposure is obviously shortened, so this means we produce a little less melanin which plays a role in our fat tissue storage. Our bodies are predisposed to store fat over colder periods or when we change our sleeping cycles, purely because it thinks we are going into a hibernation period. If vitamin D levels drop too low it can increase fat storage.

6. Maintaining hydration

Water is definitely less appealing in the colder months, but good hydration is essential for carrying our water-soluble vitamins through our bodies, our urinary system, detoxification, energy levels etc. Try sipping warm water instead of cold water, herbal teas are a great alternative to plain water or even water with some lemon or fruit to give your water some flavour.

It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom for the months of winter, embrace the season and adjust your lifestyle to suit the conditions. With a little extra effort, it means you will be beach ready when summer rolls around!

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Author CJ’s Fitbumps  CJ is a pre and postnatal holistic health coach, group exercise instructor, personal trainer, nutrition expert and author of The Winning Physique. She provides specialist pre and postnatal fitness classes and coaching at Riverside Ice and Leisure as well as offers one to one personalised health coaching programs lifestyle consultations and personal training. Find me at, email me via or call me 07557683770.