The “claw capture” game is famously frustrating. The claw holds onto the prize, a sweet, a stuffed animal, but seems comically incapable of maintaining its grasp. But a Tennessee toddler from Maryville thought of a way of overcoming this problem, and got himself stuck inside the vending machine.

While 18-month-old Colin Lambert waited to be rescued by fire and rescue staff, the tot’s grandmother took some shots for the family album. As she commented: “Nothing surprises me with him. You just have to expect the worst and usually it happens.”

Firefighters rescued the boy without incident and he was given the prize of a stuffed toy for his ingenuity. The toddler’s mother proudly remarked, “It was only a matter of time before he did something like this. He’s a sweet little monster, but he is a monster”.

Colin’s family and the authorities are said to be in wait for his next daring escapade.

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