Any parent will agree that it can be a little challenging to get your child to brush their teeth. There are many ways to encourage them to take care of their teeth, but children tend to love approaches that incorporate fun and games the most! Here are a few apps and games that you can try with children that might persuade them to take better care of their gums and teeth.

Brush DJ

Approved by the NHS, Brush DJ is effectively a toothbrush timer. When it’s time for your children to brush their teeth, turn on the Brush DJ and it will play two minutes of music that has been taken from your device. It is a great way to encourage brushing for a substantial length of time. As well as this, the app allows the user to set a reminder to brush twice a day, floss and even when to book an appointment for the dentist. This award-winning app is free to download and has received 5-star reviews on the Apple App Store.

Disney Magic Timer

Every child has a favourite Disney character, so why not include it in your child’s oral hygiene routine? Created by Oral-B, the Magic Timer app adds a little magic to the day. As your child brushes, the app slowly uncovers a fun Disney image to add to the Photo Album. The app also includes incentives and before long your child will associate brushing their teeth with gaining stars and awards.

Top Teeth

The BBC has created a whole section dedicated to making brushing fun for children. Top Teeth includes activities and fun facts about teeth and oral hygiene. There are a handful of games to play online such as Zap The Plaque where the aim of the game is to fight off nasty bacteria with the use of the fluoride toothpaste before the teeth fall out. Alternatively, the Fang Fairy informs your child of the best food for your teeth. Drag the food into the mouth and watch the fairy as she smiles in delight or growls in distain.


This adventure game centres on saving teeth. When an evil sorceress casts a wicked spell, everyone’s mouth is overrun by cavities. Your child has to help Toothy and other Toothsavers prevent everyone’s teeth from falling out. Play this game while children are brushing their own teeth; turning an everyday chore into an adventure. The game is designed to encourage a new routine, so the idea is that after 30 days of brushing (twice a day for two minutes) your child has a chance to defeat the evil sorceress.