With the New Year just around the corner, we’re taking the opportunity to droll over some of the hottest baby products that will be vying for attention in 2016.

7AM Enfant

Brand new to the UK American brand 7AM Enfant has already taken the US by storm with their award-winning outerwear. Whether you are out for a stroll in the city, a long walk in the country or hitting the slopes, 7am Enfant’s outdoor essentials will keep you and your little one warm and cozy.

7am Enfant Footmuff

With products like their best-selling Blanket 212 Evolution, which adapts to any stroller or car seat and also converts into a large blanket, or their WarMMuffs hand-warmers which attach to any stroller handles to keep your hands warm and toasty while out and about. You can view the full range of products at www.7amenfant.co.uk 


The Multy is a revolutionary new style rocking crib, that rocks longitudinally (head to toe rather than side to side).

The Multy

This beautiful stylish product easily converts from the crib into a fully adjustable baby highchair, childs chair, and useful storage – all in one unit! This unique product also benefits from a tilt feature aiding reflux, colic, and common cold symptoms. You can find full details of The MULTY here.

Grow Monkey

There are lots of products on the market to help you chart your child’s growth and key milestones, but this is one of the cutest we’ve seen.


Each kit includes a handmade Grow Monkey, approximately the same length as your newborn so you can easily see your baby grow, a chalkboard to capture your baby’s age, weight and the ever-changing things they are into, 20 special moment cards to celebrate milestones and special days, and a liquid chalkpen to write it all down. Then all you need to do is just take a few snaps and you’ll be able to treasure every moment of those early years forever. Find more information on www.growmonkey.co.uk


Doddl is a revolutionary set of cutlery designed with a development specialist to help children build fine motor skills and confidence with eating.

doddl cutlery

Ergonomically designed for children’s hands, Doddl cutlery provides a natural progression from baby-led weaning and aims to prepare children to eat independently and effectively from as young as 12 months. Suitable for ages 1 – 5 yrs and made here in the UK. www.doddl.com

Myrtle and Maude SOS Pack

Pregnancy is a wonderful gift and we want you to enjoy the special journey, even if Mother Nature sometimes makes it difficult! ‘Myrtle and Maude’ have come to your rescue and created this tummy settling collection to support you in your hour of need.


Created from the best natural ingredients and carefully selected by elite herbalists to provide an overall soothing and comforting way to ease the journey of your pregnancy. We think this little pack should be added to every pregnant mum’s survival kit. Take a closer look here: www.myrtleandmaude.com

Nimble Babies Milk Buster Wash

Many parents will be able to relate to the tiresome scrubbing of baby bottles in the hope of avoiding the unpleasant smell or cloudiness left by milk. The ground-breaking Nimble Babies Milk Buster Wash is a unique washing-up spray with carefully selected properties proven to remove milk residues unlike any other washing-up cleaning product.


Anything that promises to save us time definitely deserves a spot in our top ten list. This product retails at around £5.99 and can be purchased from Amazon and Kiddicare. You canalso check it out here: www.nimblebabies.com

SkyBaby Travel Mattress

The SkyBaby provides an ideal little bed when flying with your baby. It works with or without the airline infant belt and allows your little one to sleep comfortably in your lap.

sky baby

The SkyBaby is fully washable and weighs less than half a kilo.  When you’re done, the product simply rolls into a tiny package in the bag provided, which clips externally to any other bag, saving valuable packing space! Visit www.sky-baby.co.uk for more details.

Baby Grippum

Here’s an ingenious way of stopping your baby from slipping and sliding around on their highchair seat! Introducing Baby Grippum – a non-slip mat that you place on your little ones highchair to help stop them slumping.

baby grippum

The Baby Grippum is easy to carry around in your baby bag and perfect to use when out and about. Created by two Mums, this simple and effective product was selected as a Boots Inspired By Baby Winner. Baby Grippum is available at boots.com and Boots stores from January 2016. See further details at www.babygrippum.co.uk

Kleenbots Disposable Nappy Service

Always keen to spot new ways of saving time and effort, Kleenbots nappies seem to tick a lot of boxes. As well as reviewing really well in terms of fit and absorbancy, what really sets Kleenbots above the rest of the crowd is the company’s home delivery service.


Kleenbots will bring a month’s supply of nappies directly to your door for no extra charge – perfect if you hate lugging bulky items back from the supermarket. For more details visit: www.kleenbots.uk

Britot Baby Carrier

If you’re the parent of a young baby, you’ll hardly need us to tell you about the benefits of being able to go ‘hands free’. Britot is a multi-award winning baby carrier with soft stretchy 100% cotton material that holds your baby close, maximising their comfort & security.

britot baby carrier

With its padded waistband and wide shoulder straps it provides brilliant support for the wearer’s back & shoulders and can be used from birth, including smaller babies. If you’re looking for a top-quality baby carrier, this is one to take a look at in 2016. Visit the website at www.britotbaby.com for more info.


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