With the New Year well underway, we’re taking the opportunity to droll over some of the hottest baby products that will be vying for attention in 2017. We’ve been in searching through reems of baby businesses to find brilliant baby items we think could become big hits.

So without further ado, here are our top 10 baby products for 2017:

Essential Bag

Babies LOVE a bag! They love putting things in a bag and taking them out again! They also LOVE to chew on things AND they love to chew on things they are not allowed! So GumiGem have created a range of Bubba Bags! You can find full details of the Essential Bag here.

baby products for 2017

Maven’s First Steps

A new and innovative product that creates parent bonding by being part of your baby’s first-steps-milestone!

baby products for 2017

As a family business, we have created a pair of portable and detachable leather – and vegan option – shoe attachments which allows your baby to walk on your feet safely! A patented design that comes in a keepsake box to treasure for years to come! Handcrafted in the UK! For more information click here.


New SleepSpace, from BabyHub, is a revolution in design and a multi-functional safe space – it can be used as travel cot, play area, and children’s play teepee.

baby products for 2017

So simple to use, SleepSpace can be opened and closed even while holding baby. Its innovative pyramid design provides style and structure for babies from birth to 36 months. SleepSpace is also the world’s first travel cot to feature a safe-to-use mosquito net cover. For more details click here.

Baby Nails

Baby Nails is a hands-free way to keep your little one’s delicate nails neat and trim. Just perfect to use when breast or bottle feeding your baby.

baby products for 2017

Slip the soft ‘Thumble’ onto your thumb with one of the included nail-files attached and waggle away. Using just your thumb you can still use both hands to hold your baby keeping them happy and relaxed. Search for Baby Nails on Amazon or direct from www.baby-nails.co.uk

Pop-in V2 Nappy

The multi award-winning V2 Pop-ins are easy to use and trusted by parents worldwide to keep their little ones comfortable and dry, both day and night.

baby products for 2017

Cleverly positioned poppers adjust the size of the nappy as baby grows and they have soft stretchy tabs and a double elasticated gusset for a snug fit. Available in minkee and bamboo fabric options with a wide variety of colours and prints to choose from so you and your little one can Pop-in in style! For more information visit www.closeparent.com. RRP £18.75.

CloudTot Baby Monitoring System

The CloudTot sleeper is a smart cot that thinks it’s a babysitter. As well as being a cosy bed for baby, the intergrated sensor technology allows parents to keep an eye on their little one in a number of innovative ways. The tech monitors temperature levels, can play white noise or any music of your choice, and it can even detect a leaking nappy. You can also use the app to take and store photos.

baby products for 2017

But that’s not all. The CloudTot will keep track baby’s movement and breathing. If no motion is felt after 12 seconds, the patent-pending ‘Pep Pegs’ device will give baby a gentle nudge to make sure they are okay. Could this be a baby gear game changer? We’ll have to wait and see as the CloudTot isn’t due to hit the market until summer 2017. For more information visit here.


This smart connected dummy is designed to monitor your baby’s temperature even when they’re on the go. A thermometer is built into the silicone teat. Readings are then sent by Bluetooth to a paired iOS or Android device via the Pacifi-i app. It works within a range of 30 feet, allowing you to monitor your baby from another room.

parenting products for 2017

Worried about your child losing a pricey dummy? An added bonus of the Bluetooth feature is that if your child drops  their dummy somewhere you can use your phone’s GPS to track it to its last known location. Pacifi-i complies with European, U.S. and Canadian child and dummy safety standards, and it’s completely BPA and Phthalate free. Find more information here.

SNOO Smart Sleeper

Created by Dr. Harvey Karp, author of best-selling baby sleep book, The Happiest Baby on the Block, the SNOO is designed to follow his famous 5 S’s for calming a fussy baby (swaddle; side or stomach position; shush; swing; and suck). This baby bed monitors and responds to baby’s needs by automatically choosing the best white noise and motion to help them settle. For example, the bed will swing slowly when baby is falling asleep, but will jiggle them faster if they’re crying.

There are some other interesting features too, including the ‘5-second swaddle’ wrap that keeps babies snug and safely attaches to the bed prevent them from rolling on to their front. Right now the SNOO is only on sale in the US, but will undoubtly make it to the UK soon. You can find more information here.

Magnet Mouse Baby Clothes

This brand makes your life a hundred times easier and less screamy.  Magnet Mouse have done away with fiddly poppers on baby clothes and have replaced them with quick close magnets.

baby products for 2017

All of the clothes are designed in London and are made from 100% organic cotton. For more information and to see all the products on offer visit Magnet Mouse’s website here.

Skip Hop Explore and More 3-Stage Activity Center

Find an activity centre your baby loves and you’ll have bought yourself some valuable hands-free minutes. But what do you do with that great big thing once baby outgrows it? The Skip Hop Explore and More has the answer. From 4 months old your baby can enjoy the 25+ developmental activities, then when they begin cruising the activity centre converts into a play table with all their favourite fiddle toys still attached.

baby products for 2017

Finally, you can remove the toys completely and use it as a normal child-sized table – perfect for activities like colouring. The legs can be be detached for easy storage and it’s also phthalate-free for your peace of mind. For more information or to buy visit here.

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