Ah, the feeding bra… the inglorious boulder holder of ugliness, both practical and comfortable. We’re all agreed it has a job to do, but come on ladies, we want a bit of sexy back, right?!

 I remember standing in Mothercare when I was pregnant and thinking how ugly all the bras were and it was just another thing to add to my list of ever increasing frustrations about being pregnant …. The ugly bra, tick!  In the end I settled for a plain black and plain white t-shirt bra and put it down to the best of a bad bunch. 

Plus, back in the day I LOVED a matching set and so treated myself to some plain M&S knickers in the same colour (note Loved, the past tense. Nowadays I’m just pleased to get a bra and knickers on).  Oh the glamour, it’s just so rock ‘n’ roll when you’re the size of a whale, isn’t it?

My Top Feeding Bras

But I digress, we’re here to talk about the here and now, not the been and gone!  Which brings me on to what this blog is all about – you ladies getting your sexy back when it comes to nursing bras! Picture this, you’re out in a restaurant, or dare I be so bold to say, shopping centre, and baby needs feeding. As you subtly try to latch baby on, the feeding sheet falls away, baring your flesh coloured atrocity to all and sundry who stand agog, not only because you have the audacity to feed your child in public, but what on earth are you wearing?!  Well, if people are gonna stare, it’s time to give them something to stare at!

So here are my TOP 5 sexy high street feeding bras and for those of you not ready to give up your matching sets, I’ve included those too!

feeding bras

From L-R:

fromheretomaternity.co.uk – no matching knickers here
www.cakematernity.com – with matching knickers
www.figleaves.com – with matching knickers
uk.hotmilklingerie.comwith matching knickers
www.johnlewis.com – no matching knickers here

And now the boring bit.   Your boobs are going through all sorts of changes whilst you’re feeding as I’m sure you will know by now and it’s so important you are wearing the right bra.  Therefore, make sure you continue to get measured every 6 weeks whilst you’re breast feeding.  I would recommend doing this in a specialised shop like Mothercare rather than M&S as they’ll be more knowledgeable about your boobies having their own mind and will be able to advise on the best bra for you!

Also, stay comfy whilst you’re sleeping and this is when the boring feeding bras come into their own!  You can pick up a ‘multi pack’ from TopShop!

feeding braswww.topshop.com


Happy Shopping x

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