This Christmas NORAD is celebrating more than 60 years of tracking Santa as he delivers presents around the world on Christmas Eve.

Little (and big) kids can visit NORAD’s popular website to follow Santa’s progress as he journeys from country to country spreading Christmas cheer – and watch as he draws nearer to the UK!

NORAD begins tracking Santa at 7.00am GMT on 24th December, beginning in New Zealand and Australia, before moving through Asia and Africa towards Europe.

The website also features games, songs, and a library to learn all about Santa and Christmas traditions from across the world.



NORAD, which is short for the North American Aerospace Defense Command, first started tracking Santa’s flight after a newspaper misprint in 1955 lead a young boy to call the command base hoping to speak to Father Christmas.

Colonel Harry Shoup received the call and demanded to know who was calling.

The colonel’s daughter told the New York Post that when the child began to cry, Shoup said that he was one of Santa’s elves.

Shoup then told his staff that if any more children call they should speak to them about Santa’s journey, and from there a tradition was born.