Essex Baby reviewer Emma tests out the Tutti Bambini GC35 Multi Glider Rocking Chair & Stool in Natural and Beech.

Product Description and Price

The ideal relaxation nursing chair for the new mummy whilst feeding the baby or just to put the feet up after a long hard day. Also it has handy pockets on both sides of the arms to keep all your remotes safe and out of the way. Glider chairs offer the ideal solution for nursing mothers, whether for feeding baby, having a quiet cuddle or simply relaxing at the end of the day. Ideal for use in the conservatory, lounge or sitting room.

This nursing chair with smooth and quiet gliding motion is the perfect place to sit and feed baby. It allows a comfortable feeding position while helping to keep baby calm.

* Padded Cushions
* Matching Gliding Footstool with Plastic Cover
* Padded armrest with 2 magazine pockets
* Dry Clean Cushions
* Solid wooden sides in Base of Chair and Stool to prevent child limb entrapment
* Spindle Effect
* 3-Position Reclining Backrest

Price: £180.00

Why do you want to recommend this product?

I have always loved the idea of a rocking chair for a nursery, but once I fell pregnant I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money on one with all the other purchases needed. Luckily we had the space and a few extra pennies and decided we would go ahead and get one. We opted for the Tutti Bambini in Natural & Beech as it was most neutral and out of all we tried was the most comfortable for both my husband and I, accommodating both of our heights. It is extremely solid and also has 3 reclining positions on the chair itself.

The Chair and Arm Rests are heavily padded and very comfortable. The chair has been a great asset to us as a family as I required a caesarean section so sitting and standing was quite difficult in the early days, but the position of the Tutti Bambini made this much easier. Also the arm rests are in a great position to assist with feeding, both bottle and breast. It also gave us somewhere to sit when checking on baby and we use it to read bedtime stories. The footrest also glides in time with the chair as you rock, making it comfortable for you to relax. Having spent quite a few months testing various chairs I do believe the Tutti Bambini offers new parents everything they need and more from a rocking chair.

Essex Baby Rating:

I would give this product 5 out of 5. It is reasonably priced, solidly made and extremely comfortable.