My names Candace Redden and I’m a Hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga teacher. Along with my two hats I’m also a very proud aunty to my joy of a nephew Jake, a proud girlfriend and a new home owner!

Now during in achieving the latter I had to remind my self the whole time that I still had my breath… Now don’t think for one second I’m comparing giving birth to buying a house other wise I think we can safely put this article straight to bed!!! What I am saying is, that in times of stress, anxiety, fear we always have our breath to ground and center ourselves.

Using our breath intuitively isn’t something that we are accustomed to we rarely get the chance in society and our modern lives to pay attention to our intuition and follow our instincts which in my opinion is reflected greatly in child birth. Too often women’s instincts are questioned and challenged leaving us feeling dis-empowered and incapable. Something so simple but yet so powerful as our own breath can make all the difference to our minds, bodies and babies!!

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli says in her book Mother’s Breath:

“To make a conscious practice of a spontaneously occurring pattern of breath (the type that may occur instinctively and easily for some people) can provide an effective form of pain relief, and a way of altering mental and emotional states.”

So what is the difference between breathing and breathing?

Well when breath and awareness is not present we generally tend to breath from the chest in short, sharp, erratic patterns. As opposed to breathing from the stomach in a pattern that is deeper, smoother and slower.

I invite you to take a moment now to bring awareness to your breathing, by placing the hands on the stomach taking a nice big deep breath in…. feeling the tummy roll out as you inhale and as you exhale pulling the tummy back in. Ten breaths then mentally note the difference of how you feel now…

I hope you enjoyed that?! So how does this relate to child birth?

When we allow ourselves to breath fully and deeply we allow for space in our physical body and our minds. This in turn allows our physiological responses to stay tuned in to the parasympathetic nervous system (I would love to tell you more about this but it could turn into an essay not an article…I’ll save that subject for the next article!!!) our happy, confident and relaxed response. This allows the body to produce natural endorphins, which are 200x more powerful than morphine!!!

So you can see that by using what we have had from our very first seconds of life can aid and assist us greatly in birthing new life. The circle of life and breath are beautifully intertwined.

“If mastery over one’s breath
Is, indeed, so important in childbirth
It is because breath is what lies behind all that is
At root
Of whole creation”

In both my pregnancy yoga classes and Hypnobirthing classes I teach breathing techniques for pregnancy, birth, and post natal.

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