We’re a family of book worms. Even my youngest, who prefers to be read to rather than do it herself, has a stack of well-worn books beside her bed.

One thing that I always wonder when picking up a new book to share with my children is what sort of message it will be putting across. Is it about bravery and resilience? Will it teach them how to handle bullies or deal with sadness? Is it going to make them laugh and show them the bonkers, crazy, funny side of life?

One company who knows a lot about a parent’s urge to impart a lesson is The Book of Everyone. Founded by Jonny Biggins, Jason Bramley, and Steve Hanson, the team began making personalised books that could be tailored to anyone and built around each person’s unique life events.

wiseish words

Their latest creation, Wise(ish) Words, delivers a fun way for parents to share honest and open advice with their children. Aimed at 8-16 year olds, the makers say that the personalised books will to help kids to “make better mistakes”.

Beautifully illustrated, each page of these books are customisable – and were not just talking about a few words and small details; every pages lets you speak to your child in a way that only the two of you will understand. Got a family in-joke or bizarre saying you passed down from your grandparents? This is the place to preserve it for generations to come.

From the introduction right to the end page, you can share your own wise words or choose from different snippets of wisdoms presented on the screen (just in case you run out of ideas). It can be really hard to give advice without seeming preachy, but presented in this way it becomes a lot more appealing to kids and they can pick it up whenever they need some encouragement.

wiseish words

There are three different front cover and illustration styles to choose from; I chose ‘collage’ as it matches a lot of the artwork my daughter enjoys. The book was really easy to make too, but you’ll probably want to set aside at least 30 minutes to do it properly (or longer if you have a lot to say).

Each 50 page book costs from £23.95 for a soft cover, and can be delivered in as little as four days if you need a last minute gift. You can find Wise(ish) Words and the whole range of books at thebookofeveryone.com