Are you a working mum? Will you be returning to work after having a baby? Perhaps you’re considering starting your own business? We’ve put together our top advice, tips and articles to help you juggle your work life with the toughest job of all – raising a family.

Finding and Funding Childcare

Finding the Right Childcare
Tax-free Childcare: Will you be better off?
Tax-free childcare explained

Work and Pregnancy

Expectant mums face bullying by employers, says TUC
Coping with pregnancy symptoms at work
How to safely commute during pregnancy

Being a Working Mum

Career disruption for mums can be permanent
How to create the perfect work-life balance
“I was the mother all teachers hated!” – Designer Julia Kendell shares her inspiration
Working Mum Blog – Do Modern Women Have it All?
Working Mum Blog – Week from Hell
Working Mum Blog – Being a Parent

Returning to Work

Shared parental leave: what you need to know
Desperate not to leave my baby
The Return to Work
Returning to work after having a baby
Returning to work and worried about childcare
Your Questions: Should I go back to work or be a stay-at-home-mum?

Changing Career or Starting a Business

How to work from home with children
Living the Dream: How to mix ambition and motherhood
Having babies and chasing dreams: How one mum built a successful career
So you want to start your own business?
Start-up business? What you need to know
Are you a budding entrepreneur? Is your business idea viable?
Becoming a Baby Massage Instructor
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