A whole host of new beauty products and potions have swamped the market over the past few decades. Consumers across the world have an extraordinary array of treatments to choose from: fish pedicures, artic ice rooms, snail facials, and now… anti-ageing chocolate!

Esthechoc, the world’s first Beauty Chocolate, is due to be presented next month at the Global Food Innovation Summit in London.

Marketed as guilt-free and safe for diabetics, the chocolate is said to offer a boost of antioxidants and increase the blood supply to skin tissue, thereby slowing the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles.

The product is based on 70% Cocoa dark chocolate and its manufactures claim that it contains of two of the most powerful antioxidants with anti-ageing properties – cocoa flavanols and marine carotenoid astaxanthin.

Developed by the Cambridge based company Lycotec, one 7.5g piece of Esthechoc is said to offer the same amount of flavanols as 100g of normal dark chocolate, as well as levels of astaxanthin equating to 300g of wild Alaskan salmon.

It is certain that further clinical trials will be required to back up the company’s strong claims, but until then those with a healthy bank balance will be able to indulge the fantasy that their daily fix of chocolate actually making them look younger.